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A Showcase for Your Organization

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Your homepage is the first impression that your website visitors get of your organization. That’s why we offer the showcase page template with blue.lift theme. It’s modern eye-catching design makes it easy for your organization to shine.

Starting from the top of the page, this is how the showcase page template is laid out:

Header with your website logo or header image, and navigation menu on the right

Tagline for your website.

Description under your tagline lets you describe your organization and mission.

Showcase Sidebar gives you the space to put a picture or image slideshow front and center.

Content Area offers a space for text, pictures, videos

Bottom Sidebar lets you place a footer menu, organization information and more.


Delivering Your Message

The flexibility of a WordPress site makes it easy for you to control your website content. Adding or changing pictures and text is easy so your website will always be up to date. Lets look at some ways to utilize this:

Members are at the heart of many organizations. One benefit an organization could provide is to highlight key members with information about their product or service on the homepage. For example, if one of your key members is an ice-cream shop, you can post a picture of someone enjoying their ice-cream, or feature a different flavor ice-cream every week.

Or you can highlight your organization's events on the home page. If you are having an ice-cream social, you could post pictures from last year's event to entice people to attend. You can include the event details and a link to RSVP or purchase tickets.

It is easy to update your home page and you can do it as frequently as you like.