Membership Website Templates

This section will give you information on the types of page designs available with the blue.lift theme and MemberFindMe:

Showcase Page

The showcase page design is most often used as the home page. It features a primary message area, a showcase widget area (for example, a great place for a image or slideshow), with the main content underneath. You can see example showcase pages at showcase page demo or on the homepage of this site.

(Blog) Post

Individual blogs, press releases and articles can be seen on "post" pages. Posts can be any content associated with a date, that is not static. You can also allow website visitors to comment on your posts. Click here to see an example post.

Post List

The post list page gives a list of your posts, with the title, featured image and excerpt of the posts. You can also categorize your posts and pull up a post list by category (for example, all press releases). If there is a specific post you would like to be featured on the top of the list, you can make it a "sticky" post. "Sticky" posts are listed first and have the word Featured under the title. Visit our Post List demo page to see how it looks.

Content Page

These are the static pages of your website, such as your "about us" and "mission" page. Although they are "static", you can update the content at any time, as well as add or delete pages. Our demo Content Page illustrates ways this type of page can be used.

Member Directory

The member directory is included with your MemberFindMe subscription. You can control which members or businesses are listed in the directory. In-depth profiles including maps, logos, descriptions, social media links, pictures, contact information and deals will help visitors to your website better connect with your members. Click here to visit our sample member business directory.

Events Calendar

The events calendar features bright colorful tiles and infinity scrolling so your website visitors can easily browse and pick out events they are interested in from your calendar without clicking a single button. When they do click on an event, on-page event registration allows them to register and pay for your event quickly, without leaving the page, increasing the conversion of visitors to event attendees. The event calendar, event billing and management is bundled with your MemberFindMe subscription. Visit our sample event calendar to see how it works.

Member Sign Up Form

With the MemberFindMe plugin, you can place a member sign-up form on any page. The short and user-friendly sign up form maximizes conversions of website visitors to paying members!

Member Self-Manage

With the MemberFindMe plugin, you can place a member manage account form on any page. Current members can either sign in if they have previously entered a password, or have a password emailed to them within a few minutes so they can access their account. This makes it easy for your members to update their payment and account information, and reduces the time you have to spend on support.